2002 Reunion

Here are just some of the attendees. Please email us with any corrections.

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Photos from Patricia (Jackson) Warren.


Toni (Testa) Murphy, Margarett Farmer, Brenda (Poovey) Lunsford


Kent Goldin


Debbie (Ball) and Kent Goldin, Kerri Moore


Christi (La Barba) and Bert Erpillo


Debbie March, Terry Holderman


Paul Power, Dawn Munoz, Steve Oleson, Lou Goodrum,

Margarett Farmer (back), David Strom


Bert Erpillo, Toni Abney, Christi (La Barba) Erpillo, Doris Franks


Lou Goodrum, Margarett Farmer, David Strom


Fred Moss, ?, ? Chuck Allen, Debbie (Ball) Goldin


Kent and Debbie (Ball) Goldin, Kerri Moore


Leland Duyck, Fred Moss, Gerry Cooper


Jill (Anderson) Blanton, Debbie March, Terry Holderman, Kerri Moore, Margarett Farmer, Patricia (Jackson) Warren, Toni Abney,

Toni (Testa) Murphy, Doris Franks, Brenda (Poovey) Lunsford, Ivy Urquhart, Debbie Ball, Vickie Beckwith

Front - Jim Dungan, Lou Goodrum, David Strom, Steve Oleson