35th Reunion

Here are just some of the attendees. Please email us with any corrections.

Keep those photos coming in.

Photos from Patricia (Jackson) Warren.

Christi La Barba , Linda (Finigan) Matzen, Gary Alexander

Vickie (Anderson) Dungan, Linda (Finigan) Matzen

Patricia (Jackson) Warren, Linda (Finigan) Matzen

Jim Dungan, Chuck Allen

Gary Alexander, Ronnie Stogsdill, Jimmy Littleton,

Kent Goldin, Terry Holderman, Ronny Raines

The Committee..Thank you very much for your hard work!!

Toni (Testa) Murphy, Debbie (Ball) Goldin,

Brenda (Poovey) Lunsford, Jill (Anderson) Blanton

Chuck Allen, Randy Anderson, Jimmy Peoples, Jill (Anderson) Blanton

Linda (Finigan) Matzen, Gail Lilley , Vicky (Anderson) Dungan, Sherry Day

Kent and Debbie (Ball) Goldin

Cheryl (Hickman), Connie (Mitchell) Raines, Gail Lilley, Sherry Day

Patricia (Jackson) Warren, Vicki (Box) Dowell, Steve Oleson

Paul Power, Ronny Raines, Alex Dowell

Gary Alexander, Patricia (Jackson) Warren, Jim Dungan,

Debbie March, Vickie (Anderson) Dungan, Terry Holderman, Steve Oleson

At Jim and Vickie Dungan's after the reunion, Gary Alexander sets up.


The next 2 photos are from Gary Alexander.

Steve Oleson, Patricia (Jackson) Warren, Jim Dungan,

Vickie (Anderson) Dungan, Gary Alexander

Steve Oleson, Jim Dungan, Gary Alexander


The following 4 photos are from Debbie March...

Debbie March, Christi La Barba, Linda (Finigan) Matzen, Sherry Day

Christi LaBarba, Linda (Finigan) Matzen, Gary Alexander

Steve Oleson, Debbie March, Terry Holderman

Gary Alexander, Patricia (Jackson) Warren, Jim Dungan,

Vickie (Anderson) Dungan, Steve Oleson, Terry Holderman