40th Reunion - June 11, 2011 - Swingin' D Ranch

Here are just some of the attendees. Please email us with any corrections.

Keep those photos coming in.

These following photos are from Patricia (Jackson) Warren.

Further down are the photos from our photographer. We have permission to post them and you can view and get prints made from

Shutterfly.com. This website took over the Kodak photo share website and they appear to be a good site to share photos. You will have to

register with your email address to get prints made but the prices are reasonable and the quality should be great. Because of the large resolution that

was provided, we needed to find a website such as this for you to be able to get a quality print. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns

with the Shutterfly website.


These next photos are from our photographer. These can also be viewed at http://40threunionghs1971.shutterfly.com. Click here.


The Committee..Thank you very much for your hard work!!

 Mike Stiffler, Jimmy Peoples

 Debbie (Ball) Goldin, Nancy (Wilson) Freitas ,Toni (Testa) Murphy, Brenda (Poovey) Lunsford, Doug Bland