Casa Milagro

October 20, 2007



In the Fall of 2007, we  met at Casa Milagro in Richardson, Texas.  This was a bittersweet reunion as it was our last reunion with classmates Jill Anderson Blanton and David Strom.

These pictures were donated by Brenda Poovey Lunsford.  Thank you Brenda!


David Hufford and Jim Littleton

Jim Littleton, Brad Hendrex,           and David Hufford

Bert and Christi LaBarba Erpillo, Bob Mathews and Bert and Jill Anderson Blanton

   Johnny Jacobson and Nancy Wilson Freitas

Bert and Jill Anderson Blanton

Christi LaBarba Erpillo, Vicki Beckwith, Debbie Ball Golden and Jill Anderson Blanton

Debbie Ball Golden and Bob Mathews

Paul Powers and Dan Cook

Terry Holderman and Debbie March

Christi LaBarba Erpillo, Debbie Ball Golden, Jill Anderson Blanton and Mike Jackson

  Johnny Jacobson and Bob Mathews 

Gail Spigener and Vicki Beckwith

Virginia Tawwater

Nancy Wilson Freitas and Sabrina Jacobson

Joyce Davis and Cindy Paul Dennis

Gene Bridges, Jimmy Peoples and Chuck Allen

Debbie Ball Golden and Dan Cook

Steve Oleson, Jackie Bates Rosga and Gary Alexander

David Strom and Ronnie Raines

Connie Mitchell Raines, Toni Testa and


Jim Littleton, Johnny Humphreys and Brad Hendrex