Jakes Joint

April 4, 2009



The class had a big mini reunion at Jake's Joint in Plano with around 40 people showing up.  Below are a few pictures from the big mini event.

Photographs were donated by Brenda Poovey Lunsford and Jackie Bates Rosga.

Johnny Humphreys, Andy Erwin, Brad Hendrex and Jim Littleton

Jimmy Peoples and Doug Bland

Betty (BJ) Luttrell, Sheryl Lewis, Ginger Denney and Sherrie Wheeler

Terry Holderman, Debbie March and Jean Humphreys

Lisa Poole Witherspoon and Ricky Hughes

Terry Holderman, Debbie March, Jackie Bates Rosga and Kent Golden

Floyd Weaver, Brenda Poovey Lunsford, Debbie Ball Golden, Toni Testa Murphy and Doug Bland

Steve Oleson and Ricky Hughes

Brad Hendrex, Jackie Bates Rosga, Andy Erwin, Jim Littleton and Ricky Hughes

Debbie March and Terry Holderman

Danny Cook, Kent Golden, Clyde Windham and Gene Jackson

Clyde Windham, Becky Huggett

Cindy Dennis Paul

Sheryl Lewis

Becky Huggett,    , Floyd Weaver

       and Danny Cook

and Ginger Denney on the right

Debbie Ball Golden and Bob Mathews

Debbie Ball Golden and Bob Mathews...with Jimmy Peoples looking on...

Charles Bradley Hendrex along with his sidekick James Robert Littleton with Lisa Poole Witherspoon

Mike Stiffler with Floyd Weaver in the back.  Bob Mathews front left.

Bert Blanton and Clyde Windham

Doug Bland and Brenda Poovey Lunsford

Clyde Windham and Becky Huggett

Lisa Poole Witherspoon

Doug Bland, Gene Jackson and Debbie Ball Golden

Brad Hendrex, Andy's back, Jimmy with a big smile and Johnny Humphreys.  Jackie Bates Rosga and Steve Oleson.

Bert Blanton and Debbie Ball Golden

Clyde Windham

Cindy Dennis Paul,  Alice McKinnon Newland, Debbie Ball Golden

2-Genes:  Bridges and Jackson

One Clyde Windham

Ginger Denney Glover and Gene Bridges

Gene Jackson, Steve Oleson, Debbie March, Terry Holderman and Mike Stiffler

Debbie Ball Golden, Andy Erwin and Kent Golden

Andy Erwin and Debbie Ball Golden.  Sherrie Wheeler, BJ Luttrell, Ginger Denney Glover and Gene Bridges.

Two hot dudes.  Brad and Jimmy.

Jim Littleton, Doug Bland, Brenda Poovey Lunsford (somethin' must be reeeeally funny), Steve Oleson and Mike Stiffler

Betty (BJ) Luttrell, Sherrie Wheeler, Cindy Dennis Paul and Ginger Denney Glover

Debbie March, Terry Holderman, Bob Mathews, Joyce Davis and Doug Bland

Doug Bland

Sherrie Wheeler, Betty (BJ) Luttrell and Sheryl Lewis

Joyce Davis, Cindy Dennis Paul and Debbie Ball Golden

Steve Oleson, Jackie Bates Rosga, Debbie March and Terry Holderman

Kent Golden and Jim Littleton

Ginger Denney Glover and Kent Golden

Sherrie Wheeler and Ginger Denney Glover - Gene Jackson looking at the we that we used to be.

Ricky Hughes,  Cindy Dennis Paul and the back of Gene Jackson