Love and War in Texas

Scene II

September 12th, 2009





The class met at Love and War in Texas on a very RAINY September evening.  Despite the weather, we had somewhere around 50 people attend.  They had to kick us out of the place.  No one wanted to leave!   Thanks to Brenda Poovey Lunsford for the great pictures!

Ronny Raines, Debbie Ball Goldin and Ronnie Stogsdill

Lou Goodrum and Gene Jackson and Sabrina Jacobson

Sabrina Jacobson, Johnny Jacobson and Doug Bland

BJ Luttrell Elrod and Ronny Raines

Toni Testa Murphy and Vickie Mullens Corlett Nosal

Gene Jackson and Debbie Robinett

Brenda Poovey Lunsford, Cathy Loya and Toni Testa Murphy

Debbie Harris Crosby and Husband with Lou Goodrum

Sharon Frank Jordan Falaster and Cindy Dennis Paul

Lou Goodrum with Sherrie Wheeler Ripley and Mrs. Goodrum

Nancy Freitas, Brad Hendrex and Gene Jackson

Paul Power, BJ Luttrell, Andy Erwin and Kent Goldin

Lou Goodrum with Debbie Harris Crosby and Andy Erwin

Mike and Linda Stiffler

Doug Bland

Jimmy Peoples, Steve Oleson, Jackie Bates Rosga and Johnny Humphreys

Johnny Jacobson, BJ Luttrell, Debbie Ball Goldin, Vickie Mullens Corlett Nosal and Fred Moss

Ginger Denney Glover, Brad Hendrex and Jim Littleton

George and Vicki Beckwith Johnson

Debbie Ball Goldin, Vickie Mullens Corlett Nosal and BJ Luttrell

Sharon Frank Jordan Falaster, BJ Luttrell, Jimmy Peoples and Alice McKinnon Newland

Chuck Allen and Gene Jackson

Paul Power, Jimmy Peoples and Toni Testa Murphy

Betty Baker Wisdom and Fred Moss

Johnny Jacobson and Nancy Freitas

Jackie Bates Rosga and Debbie March

Ronny Raines and Debbie Ball Goldin

Doug Bland in middle with Johnny and Sabrina Jacobson

Sherrie Wheeler Ripley, Debbie Harris Crosby and Husband

Nancy Wilson Freitas

Steve Oleson, Debbie Ball Goldin, BJ Luttrell Elrod and Betty Baker Wisdom

Jackie Bates Rosga and Steve Oleson

Doug Bland, Jimmy Peoples, Nancy Wilson Freitas and  Brenda Poovey Lunsford