Park Crest



Park Crest was under construction and we went to Sam Houston.

Teacher: Mrs. Scheifler - 2nd grade

Back Row: Bill Nichols, ?, Andy Erwin, Elaine Spears, Johnny Wilson,?, Sherry Day, Dennis Mayne, Bobby Schmidt, Dude Landrum

Middle Row: Jackie Bates, Michelle Morris, David Bratcher, Beth Baskett, Teacher, Johnny Miller, Linda Marwick, Rodney Ames, Stevie Freeman

Front Row: Joni Ingram, Libby Graves, Marty Wills, Vicki Cummings, Ricky Rex, Linda Williams, Sandy Pruitt, Ronnie Dietz

Submitted by: Jackie Bates Rosga



Teacher: Mrs. Fite - 3rd grade

Back Row: ?, Johnny Wilson, Chris Cummings, Jill Starling, Leland Duyck, Darrell Brimmage, Jay Miller, Dennis Mayne, Stevie Mortimer, Elaine Spears, Hugh Coleman

Middle Row: Carol Davis, Barbara Young, Bobby Schmidt, Dude Landrum, Sue Behrens, ?, Debbie Evans, Johnny Miller, Kenneth Stuydevant

2nd Row: David Bratcher, Linda Marwick, Beth Baskett, Stevie Freeman, Miss Fite, ? Brad Hendrex, Marty Wills, Sheila Henson, Linda Holder

1st Row: Stevie Davis, ?, Jackie Bates, Deborah Coleman, Joni Ingram, Donna Warren, Ricky Rex, Linda Williams

Submitted by: Jackie Bates Rosga



Teacher: Miss Coker - 4th grade

Back Row: Debbie Skinner, ?, Ricky Abbe, Phillip ?, Bobby Ridley, ? ? Kent Golden, ? Debbie Evans, Linda Holder

Middle Row: Jackie Bates, Kenneth Stuydevant, Paul Young, Bobby Schmidt, Teacher, Marty Wills, ?, Linda Marwick, Stevie Davis

Bottom Row: Vernon Swaim, ?, Norman Hayes, Michelle Morris, Sherry Lockwood, Loy Wolley, Ray White, Joni Ingram, Ricky Rex, ?

Submitted by : Jackie Bates Rosga


Teacher: Mrs. Brackeen - 5th grade

Back Row: ?, Elaine Spears, Jack Wells, Dynell Quicksall, Kai ?, ?, Beverly Hayes, Diane Skipwith, Kent Golden, Debbie Evans

Middle Row: Richard Smith, Jackie Bates, ?, Beth Basket, Jay Miller, Teacher, Ricky Shaw, Karen Lacy, Bobby Schmidt, Johnny Miller, Brad Hendrex

Bottom Row: Rodney Ames, Stevie Freeman, Debby Nolan, Michelle Morris, Sue Behrens, Vicki Cummings, Carolyn Howington, Ray White, Loy Wooley

Submitted by : Jackie Bates Rosga



Teacher: Miss Fite - 6th grade

Back Row: Ricky Pike, Leland Duyck, Darrell Brimmage, Dynell Quicksall, Beverly Hayes, Ricky Abbe, Jill Starling, ?

3rd Row: Sharon Hardwick, Brad Hendrex, Jim Littleton, Mike Gonzales, Andy Erwin, Beth Baskett, Barbara Baskett, Clarence Skipper Patterson

2nd Row: Loy Wooley, Steve Freeman, Karen Lacy, Michelle Morris, Teacher, Cheryl Hickman, Jackie Bates, Sue Behrens, Stevie Davis

1st Row: Dwayne Lynn, David Dunn, Richard Smith, Rod Ames, Barbara Young, Joanna Ferrell, ? Mike Turner, ?

Submitted by: Jackie Bates Rosga



5th Grade Girl’s softball.

Bottom row: Linda Williams, Patty Hurry, Jan Essary, Leslie Kimbrell, Lorrine Davis, Diana Gardner, Pam Spangle, Sandy Pruitt

Top row: Spangle’s brother, Karen Klee, Donna Gardner, Klee’s little sister, Mrs. Spangle, Jackie Bates, Cheryl Hickman, Coach



6th Grade School Talent Show ….Brad Hendrex (white jacket), Jim Littleton (keyboard), Mike Turner (guitar) and Darrell Brimmage (guitar) on the far end doing a Beatles rendition. They called themselves “The Astros”. Is this Leland Duyck in the far background (the announcer)?.